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Learnsity can help companies and organizations manage the learning process of their collaborators, create a dynamic social environment where knowledge flows readily among their participants.

You can register for this service directly by clicking the "Organization" option. You can also find out more from our local sales agent in your country. Learnsity has partnership and representation agreements in several countries. You can find our local agent in this site. Should we have no representatives in your country of residence, please email us to or use the contact form. We'll quickly get in touch to learn more about your needs and assist you with your organization's development.



Avenida Providencia No 1308, Piso 3, Oficina 4, Santiago.


United States

Learnsity LLC

11380 Prosperity Farms Road # 221E Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410.


Learnsity LLC



Learnsity LLC

Av. Petit Thouars 4012, San Isidro - Lima



Learnsity LLC

Calle Santa Luisa, Urb Colinas de la California. Caracas 1071, Venezuela



C.C. El Recreo, Torre Sur, piso 6, Of. 6-8. Caracas 1050, Venezuela

+58 (212) 7619206

+1 (312) 2248358


Av. La Estancia, Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco
(C.C.C.T), Torre A. Piso 6. Ofic 610, Chuao.
Caracas, Venezuela.

+58 (212) 959.0211

+58 (212) 950.3100

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