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Publish a course in Learnsity. We provide the platform, and you spread the knowledge.

First, learn what Learnsity is

We're an e-learning platform that bring together trainees and instructors from around the world. Individuals and organizations create the content available in our platform through are generated by individuals and organizations through the publication of courses created by them, which allows them to profit from their knowledge. We offer a user-friendly digital environment in which anyone who enjoys teaching and learning can obtain tangible benefits.

How to become an instructor?

1. Access

2. Click on "teaching"

3. Click on "create a course"

4. In case you haven't, complete your profile information

5. Start creating a course through various convenient aspects and resources provided by our tool.

How can I modify my profile?

1. Once you've signed in, click on your name in the right upper corner.

2. Click on "My Profile", then click "Edit Profile", upload your photo and update your data. If you're smiling, you'll certainly look better!

How can I link my bank information to Learnsity?

1. Once you've signed in, click on your name in the right upper corner.

2. Click on "transfer Information" and add your information.

What's the next step after reading this information?

1. Access, get familiar with the site, sign in and update your profile.

2. Organize the objectives of each unit of the course you're about to teach. Remember we can help you improve your educational design through our learning experts. Contact them for support on

3. Start uploading your course.

What should I do when the learning expert calls?

Ask them all the questions that came up while uploading your course.

What kind of help can the learning expert offer?

The expert will tour you throughout the web to clear all your doubts. He/she will give you learning tips and will also help you channel your suggested contents.

If you consider we should get you more learning tools do not hesitate to email or call us. Our Engineer Department will create the tool you need.

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Should you need anything from us, do not hesitate to contact us through

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