Create your virtual content store in minutes

  • Create amazing courses
  • Sell and manage
  • Connect to the world

Do you have content to create virtual courses and don't know how to sell them?

With Learnsity you can create a store with your brand and manage the entire business

¡Learn more and be surprised!

Tired of experiments?

Too many experiments without the expected results?

Learnsity is the solution. Comprehensive technology in the cloud with the best business scheme

Your store, your brand

Present your content with your own image, a virtual space of your exclusive brand for your clients

Create courses in minutes

Fast creation of dynamic and interactive content, using multimedia resources. Gamify, take advantage of your current content and much more

We are your technological ally

We are a technological ally for your business, not a service provider. Pay per use, without fixed or installation costs

Find out how you can create an eLearning content store

Start now. No fixed cost


Learnsity does not require any type of exclusivity or reservation of use rights

We are an ally and channel for the marketing of your courses


Learnsity has instructional design and support teams that support you to achieve the best experience for your employees

We offer you online courses so you can learn how to create courses in Learnsity and improve your instructional designs


Learnsity is a cloud technology that continually evolves with features that allow the creation of more interactive content, better management of the training process and benefits for the end user


Focus on your content and your business. Forget about security, backups, servers, storage or any technical aspect. The magic of the cloud working for you

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